How Will Your Concrete Contractor Do Your Concrete Crack Repairs?

You probably know that you need to have concrete crack repairs as soon as possible when you start to see cracks in your driveway or garage -- but what type of repair will your concrete crack repair provider do for you? The answer is both simple and complex, all at once. In short, your concrete crack repair provider will typically recommend the simplest and easiest repair possible whilst still preserving the concrete for the long term. Read More 

Why your newly installed concrete floor has holes

One of the common problems which affect concrete flooring is getting holes as they age. However, it can be quite puzzling when a newly installed concrete floor starts developing portholes. When a concrete floor is installed correctly, it becomes stronger with age. However, proper installation is crucial if you want to avoid bubbles and pits from appearing on newly installed concrete floors. Below are three common causes of gaps in concrete flooring. Read More 

Why Exposed Aggregate Is Useful When Constructing Rain Garden Sites

Stormwater drainage problems can be reduced if a contractor installs a rain garden on property under development. A rain garden is a swale that has landscaping elements, such as trees, added to contain any stormwater generated within a site. The collected water slowly infiltrates into the ground. The use of exposed aggregate plays a critical role in the design and construction of rain garden. This article discusses the best site conditions that can favour the performance of a rain garden and the importance of exposed aggregate in the construction process. Read More 

Key Features of Concrete Kerbing Machines

When it comes to concrete kerbing, each job is unique. The end product of a concrete kerbing project will depend on the specific application, your tastes, the skillset of the contractor and finally, the machines used. While concrete kerbing machines tend to be highly standardized, their applications vary. Kerbs are used in landscaping, placing of concrete pavements and even in construction projects. As a result, the machinery used should be suited to your specific application to obtain the best results for your kerb. Read More 

Exploring Services Offered by Commercial Concreters

Concrete is a material that is critical to the functioning of many different commercial premises. It is used to design pathways, cycle paths, roads, kerbs, and many other commercially useful structures. Whether designing something within your premises or on publicly accessible areas, commercial concreters can help you develop a sustainable and high-quality structure. As a commercial property, cost, time and quality are probably a top concern for your upcoming concreting project. Read More