Four Advantages Of Polished Concrete For Flooring

Polished concrete floors are a low-cost option that can be stained or painted to your liking. It is an attractive and durable flooring option and is also very simple to maintain and clean. Here are four advantages of polished concrete for flooring:

1. Polished Concrete Has Excellent Thermal Insulation Properties

Polished concrete has excellent thermal insulation properties and is, therefore, an excellent choice for basements, garages, patios and other areas where there may be temperature fluctuations throughout the year. It also absorbs sound, which means that it doesn't transfer noise from one area to another as easily as other types of flooring might do. 

2. Polished Concrete Doesn't Trap Dirt Or Debris

One of the most common problems with hardwood floors is that they trap dirt and debris between their grooves and cracks. This makes them difficult to clean and maintain, which can lead to more damage down the line. Polished concrete doesn't trap dirt or debris like this because it has a smooth surface without any grooves or cracks. This makes it much easier to keep clean than other types of flooring such as tile or carpeting.

3. Polished Concrete Is A Green Alternative To Other Flooring Options

Cleaning polished concrete is also a much more environmentally-friendly alternative to other types of flooring. Hardwood floors, for example, are made from trees that have to be harvested and processed using toxic chemicals. Tile floors are made from natural stone that requires mining and can only be recycled at certain facilities. Carpeting is made from synthetic fibres which come from petroleum products. Polished concrete doesn't require any of these materials, and it can even make use of recycled materials like aluminium cans and plastic bottles.

4. Polished Concrete Is Easy To Maintain 

Polished concrete is easy to maintain because it's all natural. Since it doesn't absorb stains or dirt, you don't have to worry about scrubbing the floor after every spill, dropping food on the ground or tracking in mud from outside. You can simply sweep up any debris with a broom and mop regularly and then polish your floors again when they need it. Polished concrete services can also be used to restore the shine of your floors if they get scratched or damaged over time. You can also add a protective sealant that will keep your polished concrete looking great for years.

The above are just four advantages to having polished concrete floors. Contact a professional for more information about polished concrete