Exploring Services Offered by Commercial Concreters

Concrete is a material that is critical to the functioning of many different commercial premises. It is used to design pathways, cycle paths, roads, kerbs, and many other commercially useful structures. Whether designing something within your premises or on publicly accessible areas, commercial concreters can help you develop a sustainable and high-quality structure.

As a commercial property, cost, time and quality are probably a top concern for your upcoming concreting project. Commercial concreters are capable of adding the finishes and layers that you need for your project in a timely and cost-effective manner. Some of the critical services that are offered by commercial concreters include:

Civil concreting applications

Concreting is often required for many different structures in the civil space. Some of these include:

  • Footpaths

Footpaths often need a solid layer of concrete to pave the surface and the sides of the platform. Footpaths are not only useful for pedestrians. They also contribute to the appearance of your commercial property.

Commercial concreters can design durable and usable pathways that have smooth finishing and are located at the right positions. And if you expect your pathways to undergo heavy traffic, concreters can also provide on-going renovations and repair to ensure the footpath is always in good condition.

  • Driveways and parking spaces

Concrete paving of driveways and parking spaces ensures that your customers, employees and guests have a quality and safe area to park their vehicles. These areas need to be concreted with high quality material and finishes that reflect the outlook of your property.

Commercial concreters can install driveways that are durable to heavy traffic flow, and parking spaces that are spacious enough to accommodate vehicles in an organised manner.

Structural concreting

Concreting is also important for structures such as foundations, stairs, slabs, and retaining walls.

  • Foundations

The foundations of buildings often require concreting to enhance their strength and durability over time. Commercial concreters can reinforce current foundations or add a solid layer to new foundations in progress. This ensures the strength and stability of your building.

  • Stairs

Flights of stairs also need a sturdy concrete layer to remain firm and to connect multiple floors of a commercial building. With many different finishes to choose from, commercial concreters can install useful and appealing stairs/steps on your property. They can also be designed to fit the theme of the rest of the building.

Concreting for drainage systems

Drainage systems such as gully pits and v-drains rely on concrete upper layers to channel water along their surfaces and to the required destinations. Concreting of drainage systems can be carried out to ensure a durable and dependable system for commercial use.