3 Strategies You Can Use to Repair Your Asphalt Surface

Asphalt is a popular material used to pave roads and driveways on residential and commercial property. When installed properly and well-maintained, it can serve you for decades. However, with exposure to the sun, snow, and other harsh weather conditions, it naturally wears down. Routine maintenance and repair can help slow down the speed of the damage. However, it is advisable to get a professional to assist with the repair strategies for the best results. Here are three strategies that you can use to repair your asphalt surface.

Patching the Surface

Potholes are a common problem with your asphalt surface. They result from several weaknesses during and after the asphalt pavement installation. Sometimes, an inexperienced paver will use the wrong material ratios and create a pavement that easily gets worn out because of the weight of the vehicles. The pavement might also get potholes when water seeps in and accesses the layer underneath the pavement. The expansion and contraction of the water will create cracks and eventually potholes. Surface patching works well because it seals the weak point on the pavement and prevents further damage. However, you should speak to the repair contractor about the underlying cause of the pothole and fix it to avoid recurrence of the issue.

Peeling and Paving

A second common way to deal with damaged pavements is by removing the asphalt and replacing it. It is a great solution when you have more than one pothole close together. The method is also more effective than the patches because it addresses the underlying issues leading to pavement damage. The contractors unearth the affected area and then replace it with a new and better pavement layer. The results of this process are more permanent than the patchwork.

The Full Depth Repair

Full-depth repair is another option available to handle pavement damage. It is the most extensive because the repair contractor strips down the driveway to the subbase. The process is almost similar to installing the pavement afresh. It creates a fresh, thicker, and stronger pavement layer. Remember that you can also choose the milling and paving where you grind the damaged pavement to a particular depth and then replace it.

The best person to guide you on the ideal repair technique is a competent asphalt installation contractor. With their help, you get to minimise further damage to your pavements and maximise the beauty and safety of your roads. You will also raise the value of your property through timely asphalt repair.