3 reasons why a concrete floor makes sense

If you are looking for a flooring solution, then there are a variety of options open to you. You could opt for a traditional wood flooring or for a cheaper laminate finish, but these are not the only choices. One option that is always popular is polished concrete flooring. If you are looking for a long-lasting flooring solution that is both durable and attractive, it is hard to beat concrete.

If the only type of concrete with which you are familiar is the grey dusty variety found on building sites, then you might not be keen to use it as a flooring material. However, polished concrete flooring looks very different. Here are three ways that polished concrete can improve your home.

1. A clean and shiny floor    

Concrete can naturally be a dusty material since it is porous, but it doesn't have to be that way. When you install a polished concrete floor, it will be sealed to prevent stains or water damage. In addition to keeping the water out, the sealing has the effect of repelling dust so that the floor of your property will be dust-free. Not only will the floor not generate dust, but any dust or dirt that does collect there can be easily wiped off the sealed concrete surface. This makes polished concrete flooring a great low maintenance choice.

2. A low energy choice

Homeowners often don't appreciate the effect that home decor choices can have on their energy bills. Lighting is an important part of every home and the darker your home furnishings may be the more lighting will be needed to brighten your home. If you opt for a bright, shiny floor surface such as polished concrete, then it will obviously reflect the light and reduce the amount of needed to keep your home bright.

3. A safe surface to walk on

Sometimes homeowners can appreciate the appearance of a flooring material but reject it because it appears to be unsuitable in some way. Polished concrete is a bright, shiny surface, but you shouldn't assume that it will be slippery to walk on. What many people don't understand is that when your concrete floor is installed, it will be ground and flattened to create a smooth surface. This smoothing process produces a surface that will be safe and easy to walk on no matter what you are wearing on your feet. 

To learn more, visit a polished concrete contractor near you.