2 Elements To Consider When Choosing A Concrete Floor For Your Home

For many decades, concrete has been a mainstay of the construction industry. Its versatility, durability and strength have made it one of the most enduringly popular choices for both residential and commercial construction. In recent years, concrete has also become a popular choice when it comes to creating a contemporary and stylish floor for the interior of a home.

If you're considering using concrete for your home's new floor, then you may be feeling a little confused with all of the different options that are available. Here are two different elements to think about before making your final decision.

1. The colour

In the past, the colour of concrete was pretty much limited to a dull, utilitarian grey. These days, there is an enormous range of different options to choose from. These can be very pale shades that resemble limestone or sandstone through to darker hues that take on the look of granite or slate.

If you like the idea of some bold colour for your new floor, then this can also be accommodated with concrete. A specially designed concrete colourant can be added during the mixing process which will give your concrete floor a rich and even colour that will brighten up your home.

2. The finish

The finish that you choose for your concrete floor will also make a big difference to the overall look of the end product. Essentially, you can choose between a smooth and shiny finish or a slightly rougher, matte finish.

A shiny finish looks smooth and glossy and is achieved by polishing the concrete surface and adding an epoxy-based coating. This type of finish looks great if you want a super-modern and sleek look for your floor. It's also a great choice if you want a highly reflective floor that helps to maximise the natural light in your home.

If you'd prefer a more rustic and subdued finish, then opting for a matte surface may be the better option. A matte finish maintains some of the imperfections of the unfinished concrete and resembles a natural stone look. Matte finishes also provide more traction than a smooth finish, which may be a good option for an area of the home that is exposed to water.

To help you make the final decision, contact local concrete contractors to discuss your ideas. They'll be able to help you to narrow down your options and to come up with the ideal concrete floor style for your home.